about laurArt


Laura Panzera, known under the pseudonym laurArt, born in Lugano July 19, 1976, began painting professionally in 1997 after training in an art school in Switzerland. During her career she have had the good fortune to know and be followed by some famous Swiss artists, who have spurred and positively influenced in her art, one of them the great artist Leo Tami.
laurArt does not like rules and impositions, and is for a free painting, able to touch souls in the depths, a painting that is born from the personal vision of the world and its more subtle sensations.
Strongly fascinated by Central America, during her study tours, she reports on his canvases love for these places and for this culture, while maintaining a personal and unique style. Her painting evolves and changes, such as the natural flow of life and the journey that each of us is bound to take, getting to experiment with new techniques by following the simple call of her soul to touch and vibrate the most parts deep of the observer.

She lives and works in her atelier in Torricella (Switzerland). She’s very active on the web with a personal website, with an Art’s Blog ‘ArtCafè’, one blog of books reviews ‘BooksCafè, a blog titled ‘Coffee Time or Sex Time?’, and a YouTube tutorial’s video channel (which is partner).
Have spoken and written about her many personalities and media, including Eros Costantini † (journalist and commentator), Leo Tami (artist), Matteo Luigi Piricò (philosopher and musician), Luigi Mazzoleni (famous italian art critic and cinema), to name some, and several Italian and Swiss newspapers have published interviews.

She exhibits regularly in Switzerland and abroad, she participates to competitions and art events obtaining excellent results. She recently received the diploma at the European Parliamentary Organization about the culture, and the Special Jury Prize at the Biennale di Torino (Italy).


June / August 2014
Solo exhibition at the Town Hall of Torricella.
Torricella – (Switzerland)

February 2014
Selected on 3000 artists from all over the world and she exhibited at the Biennale di Verona sponsored by art critic Vittorio Sgarbi.
Verona – (Italy)

September 2012
She receives the nomination for “Van Gogh Award-City of Amsterdam”
Gallery Arts et Amicitiae.
Amsterdam – (Holland)

September 2012
She is inserted in the famous magazine Over Art (bi-monthly arts and culture) in the special issue dedicated to the “Great Masters” men and women who are making the history of contemporary art in the world.
Palermo – (Italy)

April 2012
She won the Special Jury Prize at the International Competition
Biennale di Torino “Art Friendly City” at the GAM Galleria d’Arte Moderna.
Turin – (Italy)

November 2010
She receives the Certificate of Merit from the OPE Observatory MEP and of the Council of Europe, for the success of the seventh International Competition “Trophy G.B.Moroni”.
Bergamo – (Italy)

November 2010
Selected among the 20 finalists for the International Art Competition “Trophy G.B.Moroni” New Artemisia Gallery.
Bergamo – (Italy)

October 2010
Take part and she’s published in the catalog of International Competition for the “125 ° CAS Ticino”.
Lugano – (Switzerland)

September 2010 – September 2012
Permanent exhibition at the Restaurant Vedeggio.

27 July 2010 – 27 September 2010
Solo exhibition at the OEC seat Civic Hospital (Ospedale Civico).
Lugano – (Switzerland)

15 March 2010
Opening of the channel laurArt1976arte of video tutorials and Arts, on the YouTube website

November 2009- May 2010
Solo exhibition, presentation of Eros Costantini, Restaurant delle Alpi. Monte Ceneri, Rivera – (Switzerland)

September 2009
Selected with 21 other artists to create a work of art for the 50 years of activity of Camillo Vismara SA, Charity auction for Africa.
Canobbio – (Switzerland)

July 2008 – October 2009
Art & Food, solo exposure
Restaurant Osteria Dama.
Bedano – (Switzerland)

January 2008
Opening the School of Art laurArt.
Torricella – (Switzerland)

October 2007
International Competition for pictures minimum XS.
Pesaro – (Italy)

April 2007
Solo exhibition, presentation of Matteo Luigi Piricò, House of Landfogti. Rivera – (Switzerland)
Part of the proceeds for the benefit of Compassion Italian NGO for the children of Guatemala

November 2006
1° International Art Competition IMMAGINARIA, Hang emotion to the wall.
Tegna – (Switzerland)
Public auction of all the works, made in favor of the Association African Smile

November 2006
Painting International Competition “La vela della felicità”.
Livorno – (Italy)

October 2006
International Competition for pictures minimum XS.
Pesaro – (Italy)
2nd place in the special prize of the public.

October 2006
Collective exhibition “50 Years APST” Mercato Coperto.
Giubiasco – (Switzerland)

October 2006
Collective exhibition (75 women artists) “I falsi volti” (The False Faces) in the Castelgrande.
Bellinzona – (Switzerland)
Works auctioned, proceeds in support of the Association Meetings and Dialogue-Helvetas for water projects in the Global South.

October 2005 – february 2006
Solo exhibition, presentation of Leo Tami, Hotel I Grappoli.
Sessa – (Switzerland)

September 2005
International Art Competition 18:24 and exposure of two works at the Park Hotel Brasilia.
Lido di Jesolo – (Italy)

June – august 2005
Solo exhibition, Bar Carvina.
Taverne – (Svizzera)

September 2004
Solo exhibition, Corte Gallmann.
Torricella – (Svizzera)

October – november 2003
Collective exhibition, Azienda agrituristica Al Cairello.
Manno – (Svizzera)

September 2003
Realization a murales for an artistic itinerary on the occasion of the celebration of the bicentenary of the birth of the Cantone Ticino.
Torricella – (Svizzera)

January 2003
Inclusion of a work in a calendar art.
August 2002- January 2007
Permanent exhibition, Cà Rezzonico.
Lugano – (Switzerland)

From August 2002
Member of the association “Associazione Pittori-Scultori Ticinesi” (APST)

April-May 2002
Solo exhibition, ARS Medica Clinic.
Gravesano – (Switzerland)